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Waterside Hotel & Leisure Club

Our recent project for the local leisure industry

­­The RED team are very proud to have completed a recent project for Waterside Hotel & Leisure Club in Manchester involved the manufacturing of a steel jacuzzi pool framework, along with wall and column cladding for its steam room and sauna facilities.

We worked alongside Milk Leisure, an architecture firm specialising in bespoke sauna facilities to produce the technical design and then commenced the manufacture and install of the frameworks and cladding in-house.

The jacuzzi framework was constructed in-house with 15 steel sections which we tested for weight-bearing capacity and waterproofed with a phosphate process.

Our CNC machines were used for the routed cladded walls, made from robust Wedi wall boards – chosen for their breathable, waterproof base for tiling in humid environments – an important requirement for busy public leisure facilities.

The jacuzzi pool was then dismantled for easier transportation to the Leisure Club, where we reassembled it on-site followed by tiling the buildable Wedi boards.

Accessibility was at the forefront of the design and manufacturing process. The leisure facilities are used by a range of customers, some of which are taking part in rehabilitation swimming sessions and therefore struggling to walk. The jacuzzi needed to be easy to use and enjoyable for all.

Our director, Matthew Wolfenden, said:

“This was a great project to be involved with and it utilised a range of services offered by RED Manufacturing. The finished leisure facilities at the Waterside in Didsbury look amazing. We’re delighted to be associated with it.”.

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