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Proud to be Made in britain

RED Manufacturing first joined Made in Britain in February 2015 and have since been an active member. The campaign is designed to encourage companies who may practice procuring goods from other countries to appreciate the benefits of buying British manufactured products.

With the government’s greater emphasis on “Buy British” along with many UK OEM’s promoting this, now is the perfect time to look closer to home for sourcing products. RED have many examples of eliminating the often-false economy of ‘cheap’ imports and helping take away the pain. Of course, it also helps the health and wellbeing of our great nation.

With over 1000 members in the Made in Britain group; members are encouraged to network, trade within the organisation and attend workshops, these are held at various locations across the country, throughout the year. The diversity of sectors makes the events a great place for peer to peer learning, knowledge sharing and a strong platform for PR.

The Made in Britain mark is accredited to businesses that manufacture their goods in Britain. All companies that apply to use the mark are assessed to ensure that they genuinely manufacture in the UK.

Made in Britain lobby the UK government on behalf of its members to help make become an even better and more competitive economy, additionally, they ensure everyone adheres to advice on country of origin labelling included in the Trade Descriptions Act 1968.

RED Manufacturing integrated the Made in Britain mark to sit proudly alongside our own brand logos to communicate aligned values of trust, dependability and quality assurance, RED's bespoke retail creative and high quality solutions are the result of our passionate team focus on providing a great customer experience.. And of course, it’s all designed and manufactured under one roof, in Britain!

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